iCashRewards is pleased to announce that it is entering into strategic partnership with SATO, the next generation of Stablecoin.

iCashRewards is very happy to apply SATO to the iCashRewards ecosystem that combines the utility token (“iCashToken”) with the rewards of a loyalty point that rebates customers for use of iCashRewards eCommerce shopping platform and services . iCashToken is planning to merge with SATO. Each user from iCashRewards can redeem their iCash Loyalty points ( iCashPoints) with Sato. One iCashToken can be exchanged with 1 SATO. Each SATO is priced at US$1.00, and the exchange will be effective from March 31…


The iCashRewards Loyalty Program (“iCashToken”) has designed a superior token to be used within iCashRewards ecosystem .www.iCashToken.io

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